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Struggling to keep his head above the waves of stereotype and the challenges of the third world, a budding techie sights a major breakthrough. Will he sail to shore or sink before he gets there?

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DOT — Short Film Directed By Labi Francis

Sharing on mentorship with a Christian Student Community

Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students(NIFES) Uniport, Thursday Fellowship.

Topic: Mentorship

Speaker: Labi Francis

Date: Thursday, 11th June, 2020.

I’m Labi Francis, a NIFES Associate and I studied Gas Engineering while in Uniport. I also served as Publicity Secretary, General Secretary and Subzonal Secretary in NIFES. I work as an I.T Engineer remotely(from home) for a San Francisco based company although I studied Gas Engineering. I led NIFES Career Mentoring Program together with my awesome team for three years and I just handed over my role as the coordinator. to Jennifer Chioma Amadi…

After leading NIFES Career Mentoring Program(CMP) — check out — for three(3) years, I handed over my role last week Friday. It has been a fulfilling journey of impacting my society. CMP is an initiative aimed at mentoring young graduates in different career fields.

We’ve grown to over 20+ mentors in Africa, Europe, and North America, all from our Alumni Network. During this period we had seven(7) mentoring cycles and the eight(8) is currently on. Through this platform, we have impacted a lot of students and graduates through online seminars, success stories shared on our website, and direct mentoring.

My trip to Kigali, Rwanda wouldn’t have been complete without paying a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. This place has the remains from the Genocide – skulls, clothes, guns and names of the people that died. Over half of the population was killed during this period and the memorial center documents the entire story with live pieces from the war.

After my Commonwealth Games Federation Internship workshop, I stayed back in Rwanda for ten (10) more days so I could enjoy the city and culture. I lodged in an area called Gisozi with my friend and the memorial center was close by...

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Photo: Wall of Names (Dead People)

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There is a ravaging unemployment rate that is a big treat to fresh graduates in most countries. This leaves job seekers in a dilemma on what to do.How to get a job, is a major question that fills the minds of the unemployed. I have listed five hacks on how to get a job in this article. Meanwhile, here are some scary statistics on unemployment and jobs.

Global unemployment levels and rates are expected to remain high in the short term, as the global labor force continues to grow. In particular, the global…


The process of making your website appear in Google search results is known as Search Engine Optimization, on the first pages.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of making a website to rank highly on a search engine result pages(SERPs) when a search request (query) is made on a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).
There are a lot of terms associated with Search Engine Optimization and we’ll discuss them briefly. But before we do that, here is a story related to this topic:

In September 2006, If a user searched for the phrase “miserable failure,” that user was taken…

Personal website? Having a personal website for yourself, your services or company is the new resume/portfolio and also a subtle requirement for people to trust you, do business with you or hire you for a job in a global space. What makes having a personal website unique? I wrote on how to get a job and this post is an add up to it. Maybe you are pondering on this question “do I really need a website? ” Yes, you do and I will tell you why. I have read stories about Human Resource Managers searching on Google to know…

The flight to Nairobi (Kenya), was an awesome experience. The customer service rendered by the air hostesses was incredible. By the way, it was KenyaAirways. I enjoyed the songs on the plane (Of course Nigerian songs), which I played all through the flight time.

We landed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and headed straight to the immigration. It was relieving to know how easy it was to get a Kenyan visa on arrival. I kept hearing “karibu” in the airport, and it was boldly written on the walls: it meant welcome.

While I was filling my visa form, an immigration officer…

Recently, I have always wanted to have a leather jacket because I loved the way it looked on others. I thought, it will also look good on me but I had a little challenge – cost. The minimum cost of an original leather jacket is about $110 ( Naira 30-40k in Nigeria) and I didn’t have such amount of money to spare.

I trusted God to provide one for me, after all, He said he will grant our heart desires. Looking good is not carnal neither was I seeking to oppress anybody. …

Few weeks ago, I traveled to a city in Nigeria to visit a friend who just completed medical school successfully. I will call him John (not his real name) . Also, one of our classmates back then in secondary school ( highschool) came to Nigeria for a visit and we all met. He is about completing his medical school in the UK and I will refer to him as Kelvin (not his real name)

We all sat down together, shared our memories and discussed on some issues. John was excited because he just passed his final medical exams knowing fully…


Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker @labifrancis

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