A surprising experience at Kenya’s Airport!

The flight to Nairobi (Kenya), was an awesome experience. The customer service rendered by the air hostesses was incredible. By the way, it was KenyaAirways. I enjoyed the songs on the plane (Of course Nigerian songs), which I played all through the flight time.

We landed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and headed straight to the immigration. It was relieving to know how easy it was to get a Kenyan visa on arrival. I kept hearing “karibu” in the airport, and it was boldly written on the walls: it meant welcome.

While I was filling my visa form, an immigration officer walked up to me and asked “Are you a student? ” I said “Yes” . He said “follow me ” and I did although I was scared; maybe I had done something wrong .. Lol. He took me to an office and asked for my visa form, I gave it to him immediately. He asked “What are you here for?” and I said ” I am going for a workshop in Botswana and I have a day in Kenya” he said “okay”. He signed on my form and wrote $20. He said when I get to the immigration check point, I should pay $20 for my visa instead of $50. I said “Thank you sir ” and he replied “Enjoy your stay”

I was really impressed with this officer for his thoughtfulness towards me and his caring attitude. I could have spent an extra $30 but for his delivery of excellent support. I never knew they gave discount for students. Well, I paid for my visa at the immigration point and it was smooth and easy.

I went through the immigration check point, took my bag from the bag area and went to meet the taxi driver assigned to me. I followed the taxi driver who was to take me to my hotel room. We were about crossing the road, and I refused to follow him because cars were passing. He said “Come with me, don’t worry, when you are on the zebra crossing the cars will stop” It took me a while to accept this but I agreed by faith… Lol. I knew where I was coming from and how zebra crossing is not respected. Nevertheless, to my greatest surprise, as I stepped on the zebra crossing, the cars stopped. I felt like a king crossing the road and took this picture… Hahaha

Labi Francis in Kenya

The essence of this post has two focal points.

1. The leadership skills of the immigration officer that offered to help me. He was observant; he knew someone my size might be a student. He was supportive and offered excellent service without requesting a tip. He wasn’t brash at all but friendly.He could have asked me for $10 out of the $30 I saved, from not paying $50 but he didn’t. This gave me a memorable experience at the Airport and spoke well of Kenya immigration officers.

2. The respect Kenya citizens have for their zebra crossing. It shows a level of civilization and order in the country. This doesn’t happen in some parts of the world and I was happy to see Kenya not in the statistics.
We can make this world a better place by doing the right thing and it can start with YOU.

Labi Francis at le meridian hotel, Kenya. Beautiful wall arts.

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Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker labifrancis.com. @labifrancis

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Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker labifrancis.com. @labifrancis

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