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There is a ravaging unemployment rate that is a big treat to fresh graduates in most countries. This leaves job seekers in a dilemma on what to do.How to get a job, is a major question that fills the minds of the unemployed. I have listed five hacks on how to get a job in this article. Meanwhile, here are some scary statistics on unemployment and jobs.

Global unemployment levels and rates are expected to remain high in the short term, as the global labor force continues to grow. In particular, the global unemployment rate is expected to rise modestly in 2017, to 5.8 per cent (from 5.7 per cent in 2016) – representing 3.4 million more unemployed people globally (bringing total unemployment to just over 201 million in 2017).

Report from ILO’s World Emp and Social Outlook Trends 2017, WESO.

According to an article on Forbes, only about 50% of job openings are posted online.The remaining are not advertised creating a hidden job market.In some estimates, 80% of hires account for hidden job markets. This is how to find those hidden jobs:

1. Attend Conferences

I have attended some conferences in which the speakers announced a link for job vacancies.Most of the resource persons in such conferences are big managers in their companies looking for the right set of people to employ. I think they feel those attending such conferences would be a better catch than those who just sit down at home scouting for jobs. It also saves them time in fishing out best candidates, because fewer applications would be submitted from the conference. To be frank, conferences can be expensive, particularly if you are not working. But try attending at least one major meeting a year in your chosen field.

2. Attend Meet Ups

Such meetings are a bit informal, you can connect with people who need your skills or people who know someone that needs you. You have to put in some effort to connect with people. Start a simple conversation introducing yourself, skills and what you have done and it might just land you a job. You need a job, right? Neglect being shy or introverted. Why don’t you give it a try? Network with people.

3. Contribute to Online Communities

Make sure what you are contributing is valuable to the community. Be of help to someone in such communities. Forward articles that are helpful, recommend someone for a job opening that is not in line with your career.Participate in meaningful conversations.Network to build genuine relationships.

4. Build your Online Profile

Endeavor to keep your LinkedIn profile and other social media handles updated. Some Human Resource Managers or recruiters sometimes comb through their network to find a suitable candidate for a job. Get a good profile picture, update your details, send a personal message to recruiters and add new LinkedIn connections (Human Resource Managers)

5.Develop online Content

Are you a writer? Start posting your write-ups online. Are you a photographer, project manager, software developer e.t.c, as much as possible, have an online portfolio of your previous works. It could be a research work, a volunteer event or just a link to your track record.

The conclusion is that people who are looking for jobs have to have a visible brand. Without a visible brand, they’re missing out on almost half the opportunities - Shankar Mishra, Vice President of Data Science and Analytics at TheLadders

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Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker @labifrancis