Three years(3) of leading an impactful program!

After leading NIFES Career Mentoring Program(CMP) — check out — for three(3) years, I handed over my role last week Friday. It has been a fulfilling journey of impacting my society. CMP is an initiative aimed at mentoring young graduates in different career fields.

We’ve grown to over 20+ mentors in Africa, Europe, and North America, all from our Alumni Network. During this period we had seven(7) mentoring cycles and the eight(8) is currently on. Through this platform, we have impacted a lot of students and graduates through online seminars, success stories shared on our website, and direct mentoring.

Kind words from my team mate

I led a team of six(6) virtually during my time and it is amazing what we have achieved. Thanks to Dr. Ada Uche who shared the vision with me and allowed me to lead while she participated as a mentor and convinced her friends to join as mentors.

Kind words from my team mate

Thanks to all the wonderful young people I invited to share their stories with my team or do a seminar — Mabel Suglo, Chris Kwekowe, Chidi Nwaogu, IbukunOluwa Ijaopo, and Chimdindu Aneke. My team was inspired by you all. I’ll continue to be a mentor in the program and support my successor Jennifer Chioma Amadi to the best of my abilities. Special thanks to all my wonderful team members. You all rock!

Kind words from my team member (tears)




Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker @labifrancis

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Entrepreneur l Christian l Blue Sky Thinker @labifrancis

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